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Essential Recording Requirements:.

Failure to file in the proper office may affect the perfection of the filing. IC As added by P. Johnson County Recorder.

Essential Recording Requirements: — Acknowledgements: To entitle any conveyance, mortgage or instrument of writing to be recorded. ALL instruments must meet recording form and legibility statutes. How can I contact Johnson County? You can try contacting the Johnson County local government directly with any issues the Assessor's Office can't solve. In many counties, certain property records such as deeds are kept in the county courthouse or county archives instead of at the tax assessors' office.

How to appeal your Johnson County property value assessment

You can direct your general inquiries to Johnson County with the contact info listed below. County Administration Building S. Dubuque St.

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Iowa City, IA Tax Assessors. What is a homestead exemption? How do I appeal my property taxes?


Johnson County Assessor S. City of Iowa City. Johnson County Phone Number