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The two forms of IP address are public and private. it's down, or you have used up your five-time lookup limit (so you need to sign up for Once you have the command prompt open, simply type in the following and hit enter.

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(PDF) NET for Visual FoxPro Developers | Marco Villaseñor -

Custom Links. OpenSesame Setup. Sage Integration. Sage ESS. Sage HRMS. SQL Direct Connection. FoxPro Direct Connection. Troubleshooting - Sage. Release Notes - Sage. Employee Import Utility. Page Builder. Correspondence Templates. Standard Templates. Class Closed Email. Class Enrollment Approval Emails. Class Reminder Emails. Course Opt Out Approval Emails. Credential Request Approvals Emails. External Classes Approval Emails.

New Class Created. New Enrollment Email. New Requirement Added Email. New Student Welcome Email. Reset Passwords Emails. Tuition Assistance Approval Emails. Custom Templates. Class List Setup. Class Survey Questions. Course Catalog Summary View. Even want to buy some prints of his many posters? Just click here. The other item we want to report about is a building, the Obecni dum Municipal House. The dominant people in this empire was the Austrians and therefore in Bohemia there raised a strong will for independence.

In Arts too, Czech people wanted to be at the top but with a "proper" way of doing it. These questions of modernity and national Art are shared across every Art Nouveau movement and the Obecni dum is one of the best examples for that. This extraordinary building stands at Namesti Republiky 5. The architects are Antonin Balsanek and Osvald Polivka. It was built during When it was opened in it was immediately THE center of interest. Some were annoyed over its extravagance it went way over the budget. Non-Bohemian minorities decried it as plainly ugly. And the young arts in Prague, being fervent follower of newer styles of art like cubism, detested as typically bourgeois and overdone.

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Nonetheless, it had been built and everbody came. After the war came a long period of decline as the communists, who also regarded it as bourgeois, relegated it to slow neglect. By the Velvet Revolution in , it was a peeling, soot-filled mess. The problems to be solved were daunting and, in fact, were too much for the first contractors hired in The building is now in pristine condition, restored in excruciating detail: Salons follow after salons, each seeming more exquisite than the last.

The richly decorated below-street-level and ground floors of the building contain no fewer than four places to eat and drink. Few can resist the airy Kavarna immediately to the left of the main entrance, where you can have a draft Pilsner Urquell or a bottle of Czech Muller Thurgau to wash down a platter of Hungarian salami, Prague ham, spiced pork and sliced cucumbers, all the while enjoying the view through immense windows of pedestrians in the square.

Just book a tour. We nearly forgot: There is one sign for a brand, which nowadays every US citizen sees every day and knows well. All around the World everybody brings this sign into immediate connection to the USA. And it is purely Art Nouveau. Do you know?

Click here! Drew Speedie, who travels with a Canadian passport, nearly got involved in a international dispute between two governments: Some time the Canadian government found out, that too many Czech Roma and Sinti, in Europe also known as gypsies, immigrated into Canada. Before that immigration could turn into an invasion, the Canadian government decided to request a Visa for each Czech citizen entering Canada. Having to travel from Switzerland to Prague Drew used the opportunity to do it in a rented car and see a little bit of Switzerland and Germany in between.

When he finally came to the German-Czech border, enjoying the ride, then all of a sudden the border guard transformed himself into an immigration officer: "These two can pass, but not you! And now the finely tuned DAQUAS organization showed its masterly art to resolve problems: With the help of a German friend in Prague and some Germans who run the gas station from which Drew sent his call for help, Igor Vit directed Drew to a photo shop to get photo for a visa.

Besides the stamps this is the most important part of the visa. The next Czech consulate was in Munich, which was about a three hours ride away from that filling station. But only two and one half hour was left. So Drew learned by exercise, why it can be favorable to have only a few or no speed limits on the autobahns. As it also was Monday afternoon and as traffic is usually not that heavy on Mondays and as Drew was driving into the city, he finally managed to arrive exactly 2 minutes before the consulate closed in the building.

You know, government paid personnel has to follow strict rules all over the world, especially as far as opening hours are concerned, and the Czech officials are no exception. They only had not taken into account the vigor with which Igor pursued his goal: He wanted Drew in the conference on the next day. So the officials prepared everything except for the photo in advance.

By that they could handle everything - including the stamping stuff - within these 2 minutes left, before the rules forced them to go. Now Drew Speedie is not only by far the fastest speaker at Fox DevCons, he also holds a landmark record in getting a Czech visa and there are sound reasons to assume that he made one of the five fastest rides form Munich to Prague.

Unfortunately Drew and his family declined to comment on the last item. What else happened? Well, Ken Levy's suitcases decided to take their own route to Prague. They had Ken taking the flight from Switzerland to Prague by himself he is old enough and decided to stay in Amsterdam overnight. Though it is well known that Amsterdam has an exuberant nightlife, it is not known what the suitcases were looking for in Amsterdam.

How it works

But next morning they arrived unharmed at Ken's hotel. So much for today!

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In the first room, there was Ken Levy "live and full in action". In the other room there was just a large screen displaying whatever was on the screen in the room below. DAQUAS selected this arrangement again because this has been the only event besides the party of cause , where all attendees were present. As not all of the attendees were fluent in English Igor Vit acted as a nearly simultaneous translators. In order that everybody saw everything no only the computer screen was replicated but there was a video transmission of the Speaker Queue as well.

Ken Levy started the session a little bit unusually. He went to the auditorium and started to shake hands to the listeners. That was a good gesture to enhance the community feature. Ken also reminded that last year there was the 10th year anniversary of Microsoft owing the FoxPro. Ken dedicated most of the time to review the VFP 8. Ken took great care to present the wealth of enhancements, which were incorporated into VFP 8.

Ken also pointed out that these enhancements are a clear indication of the serious efforts that Microsoft puts into the product and into the future enhancements in the "Next Version" code named Europa. The huge number of enhancements probably could easily be grouped into three sections: Improve even further the ability to build XML Web Services with VFP, as well on the "service side" as on the "client side".

Improve the interoperability of VFP with. NET and whatever. NET-breed is on its way. Improve the ease and productivity of developers to use VFP. The increase of productivity is so great, that - as Ken explained - the Fox Team at Microsoft thinks it can take the responsibility for providing two not just one! As all these features have been explained by our reporter colleges from Palm Springs and will be reported in the session notes about the Europa session, I refrain from repeating all the items in this place.

Ken then demonstrated these features in very convincing demos. As ever it has been a big fun to watch Ken and the ease with which he went through these demos and showed the flexibility of VFP 8. NET with which it can be employed in web base applications to even on tablet PCs, mobile phones and the like. All these demos and statements were nicely enriched by quite a few videos, ranging from a practical demonstration, that though the people around the world speak different languages, using XML employed by well-suited developer systems can facilitate a common communication.

Every new feature was briefly mentioned and showed. Then, after the introduction of each feature, Michal referred the listeners to those sessions that focused more in depths on that particular feature. I will here focus on the most important ones: CursorAdapter: I think, this is the most proclaimed new feature of VFP 8. It allows you to connect to almost any type of the data in a very easy fashion.

It just creates a VFP cursor from the source data. There was another session on the CursorAdapter by Igor Vit in the afternoon. You can read the coverage hereafter. Structured error handling: This feature has been missing for a long time. It is very useful when you for example want to create a Word object, but you are not sure, if Word is installed.

If you then get an error while instantiating, you can simply say to the user: "There is no Word installed, so"! Therefore the deveoper does not need tocall your main error handler, because this is not an "error" in the application, But, as this event is caused by a problem in the environment of the application, the user has to be informed accordingly. The AutoIncrement field is a read-only field. There is no longer need to copy lines of your code to each form's DE. At the end of the session, Michal revealed one more feature presented, which you won't find anywhere, not even in the VFP 8 help file!

I thing this session gave developers a good start in orienting in these new VFP 8 features.

Though computers and similar devices exist for quite some time, the design of User Interfaces has become an ever-growing issue. This is partly due to the fact, that more and more completely different devices are built which present their interface to human beings. There are some important questions to solve: For which kind of users will the UI be designed? What do users need and what are theirs goals? Martin said that the users never know what they really want.

In Ivan Sutherland published the system Sketchpad. The display, a light pen, and a bank of switches were the interface on which Ivan based the first interactive computer graphics. In , his Ph. In , Douglas C. Engelbart, of the Stanford Research Institute, demonstrated his system of keyboard, keypad, mouse, and windows. In Engelbart received a patent for a "pointing device" with a wooden shell and two metal wheels. After finishing his historical swing Martin spoke about testing the User Interfaces. He put a great emphasis on these tests.

In order to design and build a User Interfaces there should be some decent tools. This project is coordinated within the European Union. Institutions in quite a few countries like Holland, Germany and the Czech Republic the Charles University are currently sharing their work on this project. Using a layout model he demonstrated nicely at the end of his session the possibilities of the multimedia communication by using mobile phones and PDAs.

Security in FoxPro - Protecting Application and Data by Christof Lange Everyone talks about security, but acting secure is an entirely different matter altogether. From a developer's point of view, Visual FoxPro's flexibility is one of its greatest features; from a security point of view it's the biggest weaknesses.

Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas.

As Christof outlined, Microsoft has a lot of experience and knowledge in developing secure applications and actually does so. You might think, that this sentence may sound like a failed attempt to be funny, but that sentence is surprisingly true. Microsoft spent hundred of millions dollars in the research of security, has got worldwide recognized security experts and is permanently challenged by tens of thousands of security experts and its competition.

As Christof's research showed most developers start from scratch with the security aspects when developing applications, i. As it is cumbersome to care for IT security is not the primary focus of software developers. Without hesitation, they demand administrator privileges for their application and implement their own login dialog to restrict access.

They write their own encryption routines to encrypt single fields in a table. They spend a lot of effort to protect tables in case of power failures. As Christof showed developers tend to behave this way in spite of the fact, that enough solutions are available that are — almost with certainty - superior to the homemade solutions. Using the login dialog and password check as an example Christof showed how easy it is to implement lots of security leaks into a Visual FoxPro application with ease.

He choose the login dialog because it is "very simple" - and - as Christof showed - can be an easy gate to break into your application. Then - using a step by step approach - Christof showed how to avoid these security leaks. Christof covered the weak parts of Visual FoxPro in this session.

Christof introduced the perspective of an attacker, which represents a way of thinking that is unusual for most developers. By teaching his audience to think like an attacker, he provided the first essential steps for his listeners to discover how useless encryption of code and data is, if it's not part of a bigger security concept. Christof finished with this statement, which has to be carefully considered when starting to design applications not only mission critical ones: "Security is a topic we all should think about more and we will be forced to think about security more in the future.

A lot can be done with zero to nothing efforts if you consider security right from the beginning. Not only web applications are affected, but all kind of applications. Visual FoxPro makes it attackers very easy. A very high degree of security in a Visual FoxPro application is only possible with extremely high efforts and additional tools, if at all. Pavel discussed a broad range of topics, among which were: Does the VFP 8 really offer what we were expecting and what we wanted?

Is the new version faster or slower than the previous version? What is missing, what still doesn't work and what all at a sudden does not work any more since the new version arrived :. Anyone who knows Pavel could be again certain, that he presented all his topics with a fabulous sense of a very nice humour. So the attendees were equally well lectured as entertained. It also is a star which plays a major part in the movie by Stanley Kubrik. And it is the code name of the next Version of Visual FoxPro.

When working on this new version the VFP team tries something like the square of the circle: Improving and enhancing FoxPro's abilities, having it even better coping with all the present and upcoming requirements of the Internet and Distributed computing, incorporating the contemporary views on designing User Interfaces, improving the productivity tools for the developer and at the same time maintaining backward compatibility to protect the investment of the developers. Many enhancements were based on the UT wish list and on customer feedback. NET, Ken was wise enough to leave these topics to other sessions.

Instead he concentrated on demonstrating improvements and enhancements, which developers can easily employ. The topics he covered included PolyLine and PolyForm. With these new abilities to generate graphical output FoxPro could even be used to produce a new Visio. Anchors will substantially simplify the mechanisms used to enable resizing, the ICASE function works like an "immediate IF" , make the own forms dockable.

Our colleges reporting about the Palm Spring DevCon have a well detailed report on all of these features. The presently most complete list is probably found on the fox. After reading this name in the conference report from Palm Springs I rushed to find out where this name came from. Well first of all the fourth moon got its name already in by an astronomer called Galileo Galilei, who used the most modern technology of this time to explore the skies. Galileo Galilei is said to be the founder of modern science, because he was the first one to use real life experiments to prove an assumption.

With a fine sense of humor, he gave the name Europa to the fourth moon of Jupiter. This planet had got its name already from the Old Romans, because this planet is one of the brightest objects in the nightly sky. The Romans associated this star with their highest God Jupiter, who was the most powerful and mighty of all the gods. The even older Greek had called their highest and mightiest god Zeus and that is where the story with Europa Latin version or Europe Greek version begins. Zeus not only was the most powerful god, governing storm, thunder and lightning, but he also was the biggest lover of all gods.

So he eventually fell in love with the pretty daughter of Agenor called Europa. Zeus took the form of a beautiful white bull and encountered Europa at the seashore. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests. By Experience. By Locations. By Employer. Company Jobs. Consultant Jobs. Key Skills : accounting, tax, funding, commerce, tally