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Using a quitclaim deed is a common and simple way to transfer property. Nolo's Illinois Quitclaim Deed includes up-to-date instructions for preparing a quitclaim deed, getting it notarized, and recording filing it with the county recorder.

'Take Another Look' - Atty. Mario A. Reed, Dir. of Public Information, Cook County Recorder of Deeds

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Meet the Editors Sign In Support. You may be located in North Carolina. Buy Now. Illinois Quitclaim Deed.


Illinois Quitclaim Deed Transfer property in Illinois quickly and easily using this simple legal form. Purchase now to unlock this feature. Product Details Product Details. Building Permits Building permits can help you learn more about the homes where your ancestors lived. For more information, including online records, check out the Chicago Building Permits Digital Collection on the University of Illinois at Chicago's website.

Find addresses and convert them to the modern equivalents, if necessary.

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Check the Assessor's website to find the PIN. Ask for help to locate the tract book page and have it copied.

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If there are any documents of interest listed, arrange to view them they're on microfiche and take notes; copying them is very expensive. If you can't do the research yourself, hire someone. The Recorder of Deeds office does not take research requests. If you can't visit in person, you'll need to hire a local researcher.

They don't offer searches by mail. Kim and Steven make regular visits to Chicago repositories and both have experience working with the records in the Recorder of Deeds office.

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  • See their Genlighten profiles Kim Steven for more information about their retrieval services. Look for records that asked for that inforation—census records, , city directories, birth and death records, draft registration cards, and newspapers, for example.

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    Cook County Electorate to Vote on Referendum to Merge the Recorder of Deeds with the County Clerk

    How can I search for property records after ? Visit the Cook County Recorder of Deeds website to use their online database. The information includes a chain of title for the parcels of land, plus other information such as whether the land is encumbered by a tax lien. When a person receives title to land, he should record the deed with the county property records office. In Cook County, Illinois, there are six local offices where these deeds can be filed. Double-check the quitclaim deed to ensure it correctly includes all required information. Illinois quitclaim deeds must list the name and address of the grantor the person giving away the property , the name and address of the grantee the person receiving title , and must describe the property at issue and be signed by the grantor. Services