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All alumni and friends and family are invited! Plans are still being processed but the big party will be Saturday night June 13, Tour of the city--free time--a cruise of several islandsa trip down to the Peloponnese. Pass this along to all you are in contact with.

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He is president of the Starburst Foundation, conducting interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, cognitive psychology and ancient mythology. Theories he has originated and published in these fields provide explanations to many unanswered questions. Because of the broad scope of his contributions, he has been termed a Renaissance Man. While there, as a researcher in respiratory protection, Paul invented an improved pulsation dampener for air sampling pumps which today is used on all air sampling pumps used by miners and also invented and patented a new type of life-support rebreather apparatus.

He was the first to show predator-prey oscillation behavior in stock market trends such as the Dow Jones Average. He originally wrote the paper for a business school finance class and later published it. Predator-prey market theory has now become a fruitful field of academic investigation. His findings received much press attention in the U. During Paul's first year at PSU, he developed a feeling tone theory of brain function based on the work of psychiatrist William Gray. This theory explaining the process of creative thought formation, received considerable publicity and attention from various universities.

Paul is the originator of a novel approach to microphysics which resolves many long-standing problems in physics and renders previous unified field theories obsolete. He was the first astronomer to disprove the expanding universe theory by showing its inability to fit observational data in a consistent manner, and has shown that subquantum kinetics provides a viable alternative to the big bang cosmology.

Experiments he conducted with colleague Guy Obolensky showed evidence that electric fields can travel faster than the speed of light. Paul also has demonstrated that black holes cannot exist and that what astronomers claim are black holes are actually very massive stars which are creating and emitting tremendous amounts of matter and energy at a prodigious rate. Needless to say Dr. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Contrary to standard belief, Paul has shown evidence that the energy of a light wave is not constant over long periods of time. On the other hand, he has shown that light waves traveling within galaxies actually gain energy over time, i. He informed NASA about his photon blueshifting prediction and urged them to look for a blueshift in their spacecraft transponder signals. Paul is also credited with discovering that the masses and luminosities of both planets and stars conform to the same logarithmic relation, indicating that red dwarf stars and planets are both powered by genic energy, and that standard theories which claim that stars are powered entirely by nuclear energy are incorrect.

Paul is also the originator of the galactic superwave theory which proposes that cosmic ray outbursts from the center of our Galaxy periodically trigger major shifts of the Earth's climate. His findings about superwaves have been spotlighted in documentaries airing on the Discovery and History channels.

In testing this theory, he became the first to discover high concentrations of cosmic dust and gold in ice age polar ice. He is also the first to discover superconducting cosmic dust particles composed of a tin-lead alloy in 49, year old Greenland ice. This dust event constituted the largest influx of dust to fall onto the Earth in the last , years. One of the particles he imaged holds the record of being the largest monomineralic cosmic dust particle yet found.

Mass spectrometry analysis of the dust, which he conducted together with an Australian cosmochemist, led to the world's first discovery of anomalous isotope ratios in tin, an indication of its extraterrestrial origin. In he requested samples of polar ice from the Russian base in Vostok, Antarctica, becoming the first U.

His request led to the creation of the current US-Russian ice core exchange program. He was also the first to show evidence that the last ice age was ended by a global warming episode due to an over-active Sun. He has uncovered evidence establishing that the Pleistocene large animal extinction was caused by an extreme solar flare outburst which produced a terrestrial conflagration 12, years ago, an event that is chronicled in many ancient myths including the ancient Greek myth of Phaethon. His glacier wave theory also presents a credible explanation for the sudden freezing of the ice age mammoths in Alaska and Siberia, and for how lignite deposits came to be formed, such as those currently being mined in Megalopolis.

More recently he has established that the extinction of Neanderthal man was due to an extreme solar flare event which occurred during the passage of a major superwave. Also Paul has shown that the locations and pulse characteristics of the most unusual radio pulsars mark key galactic locations and exhibit geometric relationships suggesting that they may be communication beacons artificially engineered by extraterrestrial civilizations. He is also the first to suggest that radio pulsars could be part of a galactic GPS network for space navigation, something that NASA is now actively investigating for deep space travel.

He was the first to decipher a message encoded in the Scorpius-Sagittarius zodiac constellations warning of the passage of a galactic superwave 15, years ago. He is also the first to work out the significance of the ancient Greek myth of Astraea and of the zodiac mosiac displayed in the Beth-Alpha Synagogue, both of which record the occurrence of a solar conflagration which struck 12, years ago. His work has provided new understandings of the ancient Minoan bull-leaping ritual, the Pleiadean rites, and the meaning of myths connected with the Taurus and Orion constellations.

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In addition, he is the first to decipher the astronomical significance of the South American Indian Barasana cosmology which refers to cataclysms originating from the Galactic center. Aided by his background in general system theory and physics, Paul was able to successfully decipher the lost science said to be encoded in the lores of the Tarot and astrology. He has found that the first 11 major arcana of the Tarot and the 12 signs of the zodiac both use symbolic metaphor to present an advanced science of matter and energy creation.

He has shown that the systems-genesis concepts they encode were discovered by modern science only in the last 50 years. Please continue reading here. Thursday, December 13, Grades JK — 2: a. Grades 3 — 5: p. Then every time you submit completion of an activity, your points will be recorded to your account and to your house overall points. They are going to design, build, and test a scientific apparatus to study the behavior of foams and emulsions under microgravity conditions at km altitude inside a Blue Origin's capsule, a true STEAM investigation.

Upon the flight's completion, the apparatus will be returned to the team for the subsequent data analysis. More precisely, they are going to study 3 different mixtures traditional Greek products in parallel, a extra virgin olive oil with water, b petimezi, and c ouzo with water and soap.

The students conducted research on the topic, built prototypes, and presented their proposal in a professional way in front of a committee and the other participating Schools at Stanley Hotel, Athens, November 11th. Karampelas, Dr. Kerkines, Dr. Prodromidi, Ms. Poulou, Mr. Arsenikos, Dr. Tsigaridi faculty. J ason Katsaros created the necessary 3D designs. Nefeli Naoum, Sabrina Saboya, and Vasilis Tsourekas created the required artworks for the finals of very high quality.

Pantelis Sfinias has been part of the team for a while. This is going to be the second ACS space mission with Blue Origin: Another team of Academy students are already working since many months to build an experiment for the study of the viscosity of honey under microgravity conditions, with the launch to be scheduled between late February and late April. ACS Athens' own tennis instructor, Chris Kourtis, received Stanford University recognition for his exceptional teaching, his dedication as an educator and a mentor and for his contribution to the future of his students, to Stanford University itself and to the ACS Athens community.

Stanford University shared with our school the letter of recognition signed by Richard H. The letter contains a statement signed by a former student of Mr. Kourtis and a member of Stanford Class of "Mr. Chris has taught me to appreciate the small details of life. From receiving World Cup Stickers as a gift to hitting hours of rallies on the tennis courts, I have been blessed with the greatest memories with him throughout my eight years of growing up under his guidance.

He is always surrounded by kids of all age, attracted by his ability to make every little experience memorable. I thank him for all he has done for me, as my mentor, my coach and most importantly my friend. Stefanos Gialamas, in communicating this outstanding remark with the rest of the faculty, states: "ACS Athens is proud of its faculty and the impact it has on our students. We are honored by this manifestation of excellence. Carroll Accessories.

What better way to celebrate than having the "Harper Crossbody" be named one of "Oprah's Favorite Things ". I couldn't be prouder of our team's accomplishments! Embassy in Athens. David is currently a partner at the law firm of Robins Kaplan LLP in Boston practicing in the field of business litigation. He has defended clients against insider trading allegations, as well as investigations and cases relating to revenue recognition, gifts and gratuities, options backdating, suitability and many other issues. He also represents plaintiffs and defendants in private securities actions, including litigation and arbitration.

I am particularly convinced that my participation in extra-curricular activities, such as debate and forensics, honed my advocacy skills. We went to Greece on our honeymoon. I have three children: Tommy, Becky, and Hannah. My years at ACS were the most formative ones of my life. The education I received was on par with that provided by any of the finest schools in the U. I forged lifelong friendships with people that I still count as my closest friends.

My only words of wisdom would be to make sure to participate in everything that ACS has to offer. Submit your nominations by October 31, Great time had by all at the Cape Charles Reunion on October ACS Athens is glad to announce its nomination to peaceandsport Awards that reward organizations and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to peace, in the world through sport! Thanks for your support, Everyone! Can you help? Please view our campaign to support the neediest 15 families who lost everything in the Mati Fires and are in need of help.

La-Z-Boy Greece Looking for handmade jewelry and other items? Visit alum Stratos Jenk e 's place in Monastiraki! Visit Byzantium. Leadership Development with The Alkistis Method. A message.

50th Reunion

We run educational programs for US pre-med college students during the summer and winter months. In cooperation with our hospital partners, students spend weeks in the summer, and weeks in the winter months on a program that places them in a public or private hospital where they practice clinical observation with doctors across a range of specializations. We are always on the lookout for high quality candidates for our Site Manager position. Site Managers assume the responsibility of all aspects of a program, which involves logistics preparation, planning and execution, managing groups of college students, running excursions and group meals, and ensuring a high quality experience in the hospital with our hospital partners.

Our next operating season begins this winter where we will run various programs beginning in early December and going through January. If you or anyone you know are interested, please reach out to me at jonpal. APRIL 6, Academic ally, I participated in the school's honor program and was the class salutatorian. I was also active in the drama club, and performed in and helped stage several productions. As a result, my younger brother, Ted, who also attended ACS, ended up spending a total of four years there, longer than I did.

My younger sister, Viki, was actually born in Athens, but was too young to attend school there. After graduating from the University of Virginia, I completed my higher education by attending Harvard Law School, which established the basis for my career as an attorney. I believe my experience at ACS Athens strongly informed my subsequent development as both a student and a professional. When my family first moved to Athens, I was quite traumatized, as I had spent four years in junior high and high school in northern Virginia, and was settled in with a circle of friends there.

High school is traumatic enough for most teens, and being relocated to another country half-way through did not help my sense of self esteem! Happily, I quickly realized that living abroad as a young adult was an exciting opportunity, providing access to travel to exotic locations and the chance to study with peers from a rich variety of diverse backgrounds. Athens in the mids was an important military and diplomatic post for Americans, and also the locus of significant private sector energy interests. A significant percentage of the student population at the school at that time was comprised of Greeks and students from the middle east.

And although the cold war was still at its height, my classmates included the children of Russian, Yugoslav and Polish diplomats. During the time we lived in Athens, we enjoyed a sense of security which we lack in today's world. As students, we frequently traveled on our own by bus this was prior to the metro into Athens and Pireaus for social or business reasons. Groups of students would also frequently visit the islands together, and it was not uncommon for us to go on outings to archeological and historical sites with our professors from school. Looking back on that period, I realize that these experiences added to a robust education.

When I returned to the United States for my higher education, I found my surroundings prosaic and even confining by comparison. I knew I wanted to integrate my international background into my studies, which helped influence my majoring in government and foreign affairs at the University of Virginia. I remain today in active legal practice. My first assignment as an attorney was with the Air Force, where I held the rank of captain as a result of my enlistment in ROTC at university.

The Air Force deferred my entry into active service during my law school education. I was then fortunate enough to be assigned to the Air Force General Counsel's Office at the Pentagon during the closing years of the Vietnam war. Following my active military duty, I entered private practice and worked at a succession of three law firms. Initially, I specialized in government contract law, since I was trained in that field at the Pentagon. However, because of my interest in practicing in an international arena, when the chance arose I changed my specialization in the law to telecommunications, a burgeoning field in the s with significant international opportunities.

For the past seven years, I have served as general counsel of Eutelsat America Corp. As background for the few awards I have received, I should first explain my involvement in charitable and civic activities. Throughout my legal career, I have played an active role in supporting artistic and cultural non-profit activities. I have been particularly active in the Polish-American cultural community, as a result of my ethnic background three polish grandparents, and one from Ossotenia.

I also served as pro bono legal counsel to the Gala Hispanic Theater in Washington, DC, for many years, and more recently helped found and provide legal support to the Washington Opera Society, a local non-profit arts group. My parents were both native Pennsylvanians of Polish ancestry. My father served in the U. Navy during WWII. In his subsequent career as a consular officer in the U. Foreign Service, he served in a number of European and Latin American posts.. He earned an MA in human systems intervention in and PhD in a special individualized program in , both from Concordia.

It earned him awards at film festivals in Vancouver, Vermont and Chicago. Cross remembered in a interview the important role his former professors played in setting him on a successful career path. He is now acting as a mentor himself, positively influencing students and young filmmakers alike. Nancy has exhibited an equal commitment to a variety of volunteer causes at the university and elsewhere.

She has been a long-time supporter and participant of the Concordia Shuffle and serves on the steering committee for Centraide. She is also a charter member of the Concordia Toastmasters Club, and has helped build the club into an established arena for students, faculty and staff to improve their public speaking skills. From to , Roger led the Enrolment Management Transformation Project, which successfully implemented enhanced services for Concordia's enrolment services. Among his many responsibilities since arriving at the University in , Roger was Director of the Financial Aid and Awards Office from to , helping distribute scholarships, bursaries and fellowships to thousands of deserving students.

He also served twice as Acting Dean of Students. After two years, Amine transferred to Concordia and in the fall, will graduate with a double major in political science and economics. He also worked to strengthen relationships between the CSU and university administration.

Amine has been active in other student associations and volunteers for several community organizations outside the university. He has worked diligently to find common ground for those who share opposing viewpoints and has been involved with promoting dialogue between religious groups. As a result, in , he was one of 14 student leaders from across Canada who was chosen to participate in a cultural and political exchange program in Israel.

Barbara Davidson, BFA 90, knew by the age of 15 that she wanted to be photographer. Davidson began her career at The Record , in Waterloo, Ontario, after receiving her degree. In , she jumped on the opportunity to travel with the Red Cross to the Balkans, but circumstances resulted in her group being held hostage by a Serbian paramilitary group. Upon her return, she accepted a position at The Washington Times establishing her reputation in the field of photojournalism.

Davidson has since travelled around the world — to Afghanistan, China, The Congo, Iraq, Palestine, Rwanda, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Yemen to document humanitarian crises caused by armed conflicts and natural disasters. Davidson won her first Pulitzer Prize in for her coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

Davidson combines determination and compassion to give people a voice through her lens. An outstanding student leader, Desharnais strongly believes in community involvement and in empowering the youth to lead projects to improve the society. He has been the president of the Engineers Without Borders EWB Concordia chapter since , but he has been heavily involved with the organization since As a junior fellow with EWB, he spent four month in Ghana, volunteering on a project to improve agricultural techniques. Desharnais also successfully advocated to have Concordia added to the list of Fairtrade campuses.

In March , he helped host the largest Sustainable Development Goals youth training in Canada, aiming to inspire sustainable changes. He also started a partnership between a foodbank and grocery store to help feed those in need. His late father, Paul Desmarais, Sr. He is co-chief executive officer — with his brother, Paul Desmarais, Jr. He joined the company in and was a key figure in its expansion overseas, recognizing China as an important emerging market.

Recognizing his contribution to society and to Concordia, the university awarded him an honorary doctorate in He has served as co-president of the Concordia Golf Classic since Desmarais was named an officer of the National Order of Quebec in After graduating, he spent five years in various sales positions but decided to pursue his dream of becoming an architect. He entered McGill University and earned his architecture degree in Following a two-year internship, Jim and two fellow architects founded Donaldson, Drummond and Sankey.

The firm went on to considerable success and worked on many public and private projects, including two buildings at Expo For several years, he was president of the St. He is also a member of St. In addition to leading several national teams, he is also a past president of the National Association of Basketball Coaches of Canada and was an international committee member of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, U.

So Stephanie and a friend proceeded to collect more than 1, pairs of gently used shoes from local elementary schools and shipped them to needy children in Malawi, Africa. In the past six years the organization has raised funds--with the help of Montreal businesses, churches, schools, Girl Guide units and individual benefactors--to help build two Malawian schools, fix the roofs on two others, add a nutrition centre to a rural hospital and ship three containers full of essential supplies.

In March , Stephanie made her first visit to Malawi to deliver medicine, school supplies and toys. Since then, she has been back three times and is now working on several other aid projects. Stephanie frequently speaks at Montreal-area schools and to community groups to raise awareness of Malawian living conditions. Next week, she is Malawi bound for the fifth time. After managing an international business unit at Ericsson Research Canada, he left the corporate world in to begin his studies for the priesthood. He was ordained a priest in Bishop Dowd was involved in the internet revolution early on, becoming the first Catholic priest in Canada with a blog.

Bishop Dowd was very involved in student life during his time at Concordia, and continued his association years later as a part-time theology teacher. Jean Drapeau more than any other individual best exemplified the spirit that imbued all Canadians during our country's Centennial Year. His dynamic philosophy coupled with endless enthusiasm and drive in seeing an "impossible dream" become a fantastic success stamps him as one of the outstanding men of the decade.

Expo '67 has left an indelible imprint on all Canadians, indeed all humanity. We are delighted that its inspiration has chosen to include The Loyola Medal among the multidunous honours extended him. Father Stanley Drummond began teaching at Loyola College in He had been ordained the year before and was now working towards completing both his Jesuit training and doctoral studies in biology. A caring and dedicated professor, Father Drummond remained in Montreal where he left a lasting impression on countless cohorts of students.

Admit mistakes. Be thoroughly honest with students. He was its CEO from to Today, Brian is a director on several corporate boards. His impressive community contributions include serving as chairman of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, co-chairman of the Centraide of Greater Montreal campaign and chairman of the Research Centre of the Douglas Institute.

After leaving high school in , the year-old entrepreneur started Canadian Key and Lock Supply. As Aaron's expertise, reputation and contacts grew, Bell Canada approached him with a request to develop a keyless lock for their facilities. In , the Unican pushbutton lock was launched. Aaron sat on Kaba's Board of Directors until his retirement. For his considerable business accomplishments, Aaron earned a Lifetime of Outstanding Achievement award from the Associated Locksmiths of America and the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Quebec government, the Bank of Montreal and several investment firms.

A great Canadian, she is the first Loyola Medal recipient from the field of performing arts in Canada. Following the presentation, Ms. Forrester responded musically, accompanied by the Montreal Chamber Singers under the direction of Mr. Harold Isaacs. Forester began her singing career in Montreal. In he was recognized as one of Canada's Top 40 Under 40, an award founded by Caldwell Partners, and in he was named one of Quebec's top 25 finance leaders by Finance et investissement magazine. An expert on injury prevention, Francescutti practices emergency medicine at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alta.

That day, Gallery received an honorary doctorate in recognition of his outstanding contributions and ongoing dedication to Concordia. The former mayor of Westmount graduated from Loyola College in He maintained contact with his alma mater partly through the alumni association of which he was the president in the early s. Eric Moses Gashirabake, a native of Rwanda, survived the Rwandan Genocide and fled with his family to Kenya as refugees.

The honours political science student enrolled at Concordia in and has since left an indelible mark on university student life. He is founder and co-president of the World University Services of Canada Concordia for Student Refugees, which is raising funds to annually sponsor a refugee to attend Concordia. He also enthusiastically helped promote the Concordia Shuffle to fellow students.

After he graduates in , he will participate in a leadership trip to Germany and Poland and then begin law studies at McGill University. What started as a two-week contract has turned into the fulfilling career for a man who is proud of his work and dedicated to making his clients happy. If there is a problem with scheduling or a delivery, he is exceptional at on-the-spot problem solving. A skillful leader, his contagious can-do approach is apparent in his colleagues.

He understands the importance of getting the job done. Jacques Genest, renowned for his contributions to the study of high blood pressure, was awarded the Loyola Medal at a black tie dinner at the Engineers Club of Montreal. His studies documenting the inter-relationship between physiology and hypertension are recognized internationally as are his contributions to the broader issues of the social and ethical aspects of medical care. Genest received his M.

It is with a deep sense of receiving a great honour that I accept the Loyola Medal for This pride is tempered by humility since I am sure all realize that any accomplishment, whether unique and very great or that of a lifetime, is rarely the product of a man alone but the consequence of many influences, including family upbringing, college and university training, the love and support of one's wife and family, and the help and advice of many friends, several of whom have done us the honour of their presence tonight, and of close and loyal collaborators.

He travelled to the Riviera and attended his first Cannes Film Festival. Growing up in Sherbrooke, he had developed a passion for moving images, thanks to his grandmother who often took him to the cinema. Father Gervais became a Cannes fixture over the years as he acquired notoriety as a film scholar. Father Gervais published seminal works on Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ingmar Bergman, sat on the juries of several international film festivals Cannes, Oxford and Venice , served as commissioner for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and acted as consultant on a number of films, including Black Robe and The Mission Alas, they chose Jeremy Irons, who was awfully good in it.

For him, watching film was the greatest form of prayer. Father Gervais discussed art, yet he spoke about the culture of peace through the Loyola Jesuit Institute for Studies in International Peace, which he helped establish in He retired in and spent his last days at the Jesuit Infirmary in Pickering, Ont.

Sacrifice leads to the life force; in a mysterious way, they flow one into the other. Widely recognized as one of Canada's most successful investment counsellors, Ned has more than four decades of investment experience as a securities analyst, portfolio manager and senior executive. Ned is also chancellor of Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont. He has volunteered his time for many benevolent organizations through the years. In , he was awarded an honorary degree by Concordia.

Otis Grant, BA Leisure Studies 93 has been a fixture of the boxing scene, both in Montreal and abroad, for many years. Following a near-fatal car collision in , Otis made a remarkable recovery and reclaimed his boxing career. Grant later began working as a counsellor at Lindsay Place High School in Pointe Claire, helping children with special needs integrate into school life. He is now the coordinator of the community learning centre at Riverdale High School and co-owns Grant Brothers Boxing in the west island with his brother Howard. He established the Otis Grant and Friends Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the Old Brewery Mission and other community-based organizations to help the homeless, families in need and sick children.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Henry Habib is an accomplished scholar of international law and Middle Eastern politics. He is a valued commentator in the national media and a highly respected speaker on international affairs. Now semi-retired, Habib is credited with providing a permanent home for the discipline at Loyola College in He served as chair of the department for 24 years — first at Loyola College and then at Concordia Habib sat on the Board of Governors for more than two decades until , when he received the title of Governor Emeritus.

Habib has taught thousands of students since the early days of the Department of Political Science. A dedicated and consistent professor, he instilled in his students a thirst for knowledge and the spirit of inquiry. They established the Dr. Henry P. Habib Undergraduate Bursary in Political Science to ensure his legacy.

While not an alumnus, Peter W. He was named an emeritus member in He has initiated and supported a number of fundraising campaigns and readily provides business advice to JMSB faculty, staff and students. Peter is the president of Per Hall Associates Ltd. He is a business developer and lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in Canadian and international infrastructure projects and is a leading expert in Public Private Partnership projects. Associate Professor Arpi Hamalian's exemplary teaching career at Concordia began in , when she joined the Department of Education.

She has since served as chair of the Department of Education, director of the graduate programs in both Educational Studies and Adult Education, and principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia's internationally renowned women's studies college. Her consistently outstanding course evaluations and the Concordia Student Life Award for Teaching Excellence she earned in are a testament to her dedication to both teaching and her students. Arpi's other distinctions include a Commemorative Medal for the th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada, which she received in in recognition of her significant contributions to Canada.

Nancy Hammond joined TD Bank Group in and has held numerous leadership and executive roles in general insurance, retail and commercial banking, discount brokerage, marketing and business strategy. Currently vice president of the Affinity Market Group at TD Insurance Meloche Monnex, Nancy oversees management of strategic partnerships for home and auto insurance with alumni and professional associations and large employer groups in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. While at TD, Nancy has earned a variety of awards and enjoys sharing her experiences as a mentor to the young leaders of tomorrow within the company.

Susan Hawke has been with the Careers Resource Centre at Concordia for more than 25 years, helping thousands of students prepare for their important step into the working world. From to she was a valuable member of the board of directors and treasurer of the Association of Alumni of Sir George Williams University. She first became involved with the Book Fair in the late s, and in became its chief organizer.

The money raised goes to Concordia students facing financial hardship and to the Concordia Used Book Fair Scholarship, which Susan initiated in He is a part-time faculty member at Concordia, where he has taught Film Studies since and journalism since He has also taught in the communication studies department at Concordia, and has conducted workshops at the Quebec Writers Federation. They subsequently founded Mechtronix, a leading flight simulation enterprise based in Montreal.

He founded District 3 , an innovation centre that brings together student and alumni entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines. In recognition of his pioneering work, leadership and vision, the university awarded him an honorary doctorate in Combine perseverance, alignment of emotions, true leaders around you, a global perspective, and your team will bring you the heaven of innovation. He is also the principal researcher of the Montreal Life Stories project, which is interviewing Montrealers displaced by war, genocide and other human-rights violations. These stories are then integrated into animated film, online digital stories, radio programming, live performance, art and pedagogical resources.

Steven earned a PhD from the University of Ottawa. Since coming to Concordia in , he has introduced a number of new courses in oral history. The lab provides a vibrant research space where technological and methodological experimentation and collaboration are encouraged and where students are involved and mentored.

She also is a sessional lecturer at Concordia and McGill universities. Her governance work and community-based research involves interpreting Haudenosaunee culture and bringing new life to old traditions and practices. It is through her teaching that Kahente challenges students to learn about her culture and about themselves as humans, which in the long term will foster relationships between Indigenous and non-native peoples that will go beyond the written word and the classroom and research settings.

Digital games constitute an exciting, emerging form of cultural production, according to Lynn Hughes in an interview published in Digitalarti Mag. She believes that, for example, they are relevant in an increasingly systematized world and alert us to the constructed, systemic nature of our realities, allowing us to be more critical. Her interest in the digital medium derives from her work as an artist, researcher and teacher. With an educational background in art, literature and the history and philosophy of mathematics, Hughes does not hesitate to colour outside the lines.

She distinguished herself in that role, earning a Concordia University Academic Leadership Award. Hughes has been an energetic advocate of research-creation through her own interactive digital works as well as through the groups and centers she helped establish. She was co-founder and co-director of Interstices, an inter-university research-creation group, which between and , was one of the first research groups funded to promote research-creation. Interstices brought together graduate students from Concordia and UQAM to collaborate on interactive art productions.

She played an instrumental role in the funding and structuring of the Hexagram Institute for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies. With about researchers, Hexagram remains the largest and most productive hub in Canada for research-creation in emerging models of interdisciplinary art and performance. Concordia university recognized Hughes for her public service and nationwide drive to end the stigma associated with mental illness. By sharing her own past struggles with depression, Clara has helped break down the stigma associated with mental illness. Clara Hughes is an athlete for all seasons.

They did. His burgeoning dealer network was the first in Canada to computerize its accounts and introduce leasing. Today, Groupe Park Avenue controls 18 dealerships in Quebec. Including recent acquisitions in British Columbia, the company has the largest multi-brand inventory in Canada. The Norman D. Emilio B. Imbriglio represents over 2, employees as the president and CEO of the accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, a role he took on in He is an expert on public-private partnerships with a track record of advising on large-scale mergers and acquisitions.

Imbriglio shared his knowledge as a lecturer in accounting at both Concordia and McGill University over an year period. Among his other board memberships, Imbriglio served on the Canadian Council of Public and Private Partnerships from to Emil Memorial Award — for his outstanding contribution to astronautics. He began his space career in at RCA Ltd. Montreal which supplied space hardware equipment for the Canadian Government's space related programs.

50 Year Reunion

SPAR and MDA have been recognized for manufacturing several communications satellites, earth observation satellites and the Canadarm both for the shuttle and also for the Space Station. After serving Spar as the director of Engineering, Jha joined the Canadian Space Agency in and went on to serve as director general, Space Technologies, and then vice-president, Science, Technology and Programs before becoming chief engineer in In he was named a member of the Order of Canada.

Her work has appeared in a wide variety of journals and anthologies. Her research interests include mediations of race, gender and violence in the press, as well as representations of women of colour in popular media. The late Father Emmett Johns, BA 74, LLD 97, had been a parish priest for nearly 40 years when he decided to dedicate himself to fighting youth poverty.

In , the Montreal native founded Dans la rue. Within a year, Bishop Leonard J. Members of the Concordia community have been long-time supporters of Dans la rue. Students have organized many fundraisers over the years while the Department of Design and Computation Arts pioneered an outreach program with the organization to empower street kids and combat exclusion.

In , the Loyola alumnus received an honorary doctorate from Concordia University. Legacy Award On January 13, , Father Johns died. He was Jameson Jones-Doyle, BA 08, has already left an indelible mark on Concordia as a student and volunteer. Jameson is also founder and President of BioBalance.

Julien is now co-executive producer and writer at The Colbert Report, a Comedy Central spinoff of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and one of the most watched late-night television programs. One of 10 staff writers at The Colbert Report, Julien was promoted to co-executive producer in While he was head writer in , the team gave an in-depth, group interview at the Paley Center for Media. The show itself has taken numerous other awards. Julien has even gone to war for his job. Julien warmed up the crowd for Colbert and they each shaved their head to fit in. Julien has stacked up several Hollywood acting credits.

A proud Concordia alumnus, Julien returned to Concordia to present a workshop to Communication Studies students during the Distinguished Alumni Series. With The Colbert Report in its last season, the world is waiting to see how Julien will get the next laugh. Now as part of the Beijing chapter. In , Denis helped re-launch the chapter and has since passionately led efforts to breathe new life into New England alumni activities and events.

Under his direction, the chapter has forged strong ties with the Canadian Consulate in Boston, Mass. After earning a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia in , Denis relocated to Boston, where he has worked in the automotive, energy, management consulting and high-tech software industries.

Denis collaborates with corporations on how to best employ SAP software to solve various business challenges. She then embarked on an impressive, year career, mainly in the transportation industry. She was instrumental to VIA's growth and to modernizing several of the passenger rail's programs and systems.

She is a member of the Board of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Logie Rose-Virgine, a reintegration centre for women, and acted as President of the annual fundraising dinner for the Compagnie Franche de la Marine.

He later became vice president responsible for China in In January of , he was named senior advisor to the Power Corporation of Canada. He is vice-chair of Sagard China, a fund of Chinese public equities based in Shanghai, and vice-chair of Power Energy Corporation, a renewable energy company in solar and wind power generation Potentia , electric buses and trucks Lion , as well as sustainable LED lighting solutions Lumenpulse. He chaired the Canada-China Business council for 16 years until November An active member of the community who supports various causes, including Centraide of Greater Montreal and St.

Jang-Hwan Kwon is manager of administrative systems for Concordia's Instructional and Information Technology Services, where he has worked in an administrative role since Jang earned a graduate diploma in and an MSc in computer science in , both from Concordia. He also holds a bachelor's degree in engineering transportation from McGill University.

Jang has exhibited his dedication to the university in several ways. Dimond Memorial Award in Physics -- to help bring to Concordia talented students who would otherwise be unable to afford university. His greatest passion remains the Concordia Shuffle, the university's annual walkathon. Jang has been a member of the Shuffle advisory committee for many years and became its chair in Antoine Labranche, who graduated from Concordia with a Bachelor of Arts in , is a former co-captain of the Stingers Cross-Country team, a mountaineer his expedition to the highest point on earth — the summit of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador — was dedicated to a colleague who was undergoing neurological cancer treatment , a military pilot, a mentor, a motivational speaker and a social activist.

He enlisted in the Reserve Force of the Canadian Army in , while studying at Concordia, and pursued a full-time career with the Royal Canadian Air Force, where he earned his wings and graduated first of his class from the pilot program. An active participant and donor to various charities, including the Montreal Neurological Institute and the Foundation du MAC, Labranche also volunteered with the Concordia Mentor Program, guiding prospective pilots in achieving their dream. He also volunteered to deploy overseas, in an effort to improve the regional security in the Middle East. He is currently serving in Mali with the United Nations, as part of an international effort to help bring stability to the country.

Jonathan Lachance is a real estate professional with a focus on sustainable property investment. He is the general manager of Equium Group Inc. Lachance certified 2 million square feet of commercial property under various green rating programs. For his commitment to environmental stewardship, Lachance was included in Corporate Knights magazine's list of the top 30 Canadian sustainability leaders under the age of Alexis Lahorra is dedicated to changing views on mental illness, which affects one out of every five Canadians.

After overcoming the challenges of depression and anxiety, Lahorra helped launch the Concordia chapter of Jack. Leading the Concordia chapter is over-and-above her regular academic obligations in communication and cultural studies with a focus on Spanish. Before embarking on her studies at Concordia, Lahorra spearheaded an anti-bullying campaign called Stronger than a Rock. The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema part-time instructor launched her acting career at Cannes in after a chance encounter with celebrated director and screenwriter Gilles Carle.

Nathalie Le Prohon, MBA 99, has enjoyed a distinguished career and leant her considerable skills to many volunteer organizations. In , she became president of Nokia Canada in Toronto and occupied that position for two years. But in , at the age of 42, Nathalie was diagnosed with an advanced and aggressive breast cancer.

She went through two years of intensive treatments and is still under hormonal therapy. She has been cancer-free for four years. This profound experience led Nathalie to refocus her career and life priorities. She now dedicates more of her time to her family and community causes. Nathalie, her husband and two children recently returned to Montreal after 12 years in Toronto. She's also a director for several, non-profit organizations, including the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and the Vanguard Development Fund. Concordia mourned the passing of John F. Lemieux on July 15, To honour his legacy and his lifetime of school spirit, the Concordia University Alumni Association created the John F.

Lemieux Meda l in John F. Lemieux was a senior counsel at the national law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain in Montreal. He practised in diverse areas including aerospace, defence procurement, construction and infrastructure, as well as aboriginal claims. In he established the John F. Lemieux Fellowship in Genocide and Human Rights Studies to enable emerging leaders to meet the goal of helping to prevent mass atrocities. Among many volunteer commitments, John was president of the University Club of Montreal during its Centennial Year in and was the co-founder and president of Myeloma Canada, a national patient organization involved in the search for a cure for multiple myeloma, a rare, incurable blood cancer.

Athleticism and business acumen run in the family for Concordia graduate George F. Lengvari, Jr. His uncle, Ferenc Csik, was a swimmer who won gold in the metre freestyle at the summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. His father, George Lengvari, Sr. Lawrence basketball title in the season. For his leadership on and off the court, he was named most valuable player that year. He practiced international fiscal law in Montreal from to From then until , he was vice-chairman of Weider Health and Fitness.

More than just a sports figure and savvy businessperson, Lengvari, Jr.

Remember the annual walk from school to church? When it was seen to be a mark of bravado to escape from the long procession, guarded by our teachers en route to church, one by one or two pupils would assess the situation and sieze the chance to escape down an alley or hide behind a hedge to escape the church service, some were caught and brought back into line, but others were professional and never got caught. There was also the end of term throwing water bombs from the upper balconies to the unfortunates walking along below.

Great memories of both pupils and teachers. My brother Iain and I enjoyed our years there, if anyone remembers me I send best wishes to you. I remember Linda Fabiani also what make pupil doesn't? Academically I was terrible but happy memories Gwen Ball where are you now???? The headmasters were Samual Weir and David Carson. Mr Main- maths was a football referee. Miss Grant taught English. Some of the teachers had returned from active war service. I used to play in bomb sites on my return from school lunch. Do you remember little bottles of milk that had sometimes been left in the sun?

I sang two solos one in Partick Burgh Hall and the other at a carol service. Sound teaching stood me in good stead over the years ahead. Anyone from ? It would be great to meet up sometime. Primary School. Teachers I remember were Mr. I think we were given an excellent eduction at Hyndland and had many really good teachers. If anyone remembers me, do get in touch. I lived in Partick Bridge Street for 24 years and still have fond memories of Partick. What a good friend she was to me. I missed her. Is she your sister or cousin?

I would recommend the book to classmates who knew David — my review on the Amazon website gives more detail. The book includes Hyndland class photos from and I can put names to all those in the latter. After reading the book I made contact with David for the first time in 48 years and we met again last week. Not seen any names I recognise so far but I'm sure you're all out there somewhere Facebook anyone? All I can say is I had a great five years there and amazed that we no longer have a uniform!!

It was two of the belt for not wearing a tie in my day!!!! Still see Alan Sinclair and Stevie Menzies. Remember me? And also staff Head Gillespie Big Frank. For career development advice, he lined us up round his study and asked us each what we were going to do when we left. And so some kine of career was born.

Nice to read others posts. Whatever happened to I,ve just visited the school for the first time since I left. I,m Alistair Laird and attended the school from as primary and from 72 to 77 as secondary after it went comprehensive in Completely unrecognisable but none the less great to look round with the aid of great commentary from some of the pupils and a couple of the teachers. If anybody here recognises my name and would like to say hello, feel free!

I was Jean Johnston and remember you from school orchestra and also knowing you when I lived in Thornwood Ave. Nice to see your note. I recently reunited with Iain Ferguson and Ian Tannahill after 50 years. It was a marvellous experience. If anyone recognises my name you can see what I have been up to on my website : www. Took 2 years to rebuild it and then the old building became the new building and the new building became the old building - teachers I remember with fondness Mrs Steele French , Mrs MacDonald English - highly strung but her heart was in the right place , Mr McKay- Physics who wonderd how I was so hopeless at anything to do with numbers!!

Overall I enjoyed my time at HSS and did ok academically - should have been more musical probably looking back on everything - but with Mrs Lamb as a music teacher that wasn't going to happen - I'm sure she'd no longer around but for those that remember - she liked a wee drink!!!! I got a great eduction even though I spent most of my time in school not paying attention now how did that happen lol.

In I hitch-hiked back to Australia and have lived and worked in the outback with Aboriginal people till I retired in I did not see the benefit of further education in but have definitely benefited from the good basic education I received at HSSS. She was found dead in her home to-day 19th Nov. I left with my parents and brother Russell in May to come to South Africa where I have lived since then.

My surname is now Maggs. I still have my class photo on the wall and can still name some of my classmates. Does anyone still remember me? Happy memories. Mr McKendrick, our conductor,was an inspiration. Good to see Ronnie Gibb's comments about the cricket team. I remember him as a youngster and we all had a lot of fun then.

A terrific school at that time, and like others I still have my blazer and scarf and happy memories. I would still love to hear from others who were there in Few weeks ago i met Mr Docherty on the train and had a chat about the old days and old teachers. Best mem was at Iain Turpie's place he was playin the theme tune to the professionals : what a guy.

I seem to remember we did that every thursday? I must admit, I didn't really enjoy being picked on because of my last name at first, but Anne Mcolville, how could I forget you. I was totally besotted by you. Drop me a line, Anne, I'd love to hear what's happening to you. We were caught red handed by the Bull Latin and swiflty handed to the bean, then given six of the best.

Jim was nearly six feet tall, and I was a mere five foot six inches, yet I was called the bully! McKendrick and sang in the school Choir.. Ring Any bells,anyone? Headmaster was Mr David Carson. Anyone else out there who remembers those happy days? I also remember the latin "spero meliora"! And Peckham's!!! Millionaire's Shortbread! My god! It tasted the same when I returned in Sometimes I still use original recordings from pupils of '96 for my English classes in Germany: "Native speakers!

I was telling that to my pals in 6th year before I left, and I was right. As mentioned previousley, what happened to the school motto " Spero Meliora", not to mention Hyndland is the only school in Glasgow not to wear a uniform!!!!! Hyndland was great, a lot of good teachers and well run! Although never an academoc, I played Golf, Cricket and Ruigby forthe school. I notice there is no golf or cricket team now WHY!!!!!. Also where are some cricket mates who have disappeared, like Gordon Bremner, David Robertson, Dougie Sansome I have round the remainder, and hope to get a reunion some day soo before we all pop our clogs!!!

Many happy memories, although more in the sporting context than academically!!!!. Sad to see that Hyndland does not wear a uniform any more, and what happened to the logo "Spero Meliori". This is the grumpy old man surfacing!!!! I was there from to There is talk of doing a follow up next year, so hopefully those who didn't hear can join then. Still in touch with a few other school friends.

What happened to it?. The schoolteachers also wore their black robes. The Headmaster of the time used to come on the PA System most days, always starting with "This is the Headmaster addressing the school". He then went on to advise and admonish. I remember one day we were forbidden to buy or suck black gobstoppers because of the mess they made of our teeth and mouths!